KT (orgyflake) wrote,


I have so many collected items and I have no idea wtf to do with them. I just cleared out a broken useless dresser in my living room that was filled with papers. Need to put that on the street. The dresser and the papers. All my furniture are hand me down shitty ikea/cheap pieces. They are all falling apart because it's past it's 5 year lifespan. I need display cases (because what else? all my dumb shit) and better lights. It's hard working in the dark or seeing some art I have up. Basically took me all day to clean out the dresser and reorganize all the boxes I moved back from my studio. My apartment looks like a cluttered shit fuck right now. It will probably take me 4 more FULL days to feel like this process is over. I'm sure i'll span them over two months or something (realistically). I also took down all the paintings in my house today and am going to hang up these framed posters i've been meaning to for ages. Then put up new paintings from this year. It sucks to put away some paintings when the series is just not finished. I want to post photos but it's just not done yet. Also reminds me I should upload the photos I took of all of them and the others. I made 45 in my studio this year, although mostly small and abstract. Basically just gestures, nothing as thought out as I have in the past. (like they were always SO in-depth) I'm trying to get my house clean before house guests come in two weeks. It's my main excuse to get my shit together right now. Work is up in the air at the moment, I am always waiting to get paid. I think I have a website gig that will probably take up a lot of time in the next few weeks even though it's going to be shitty html. I also realized how many makeup products I have that are worthless and cheap and am never going to use again. Say bye bye. I am becoming as reductive as possible which doesn't say a lot. Here we go, microwaving my coffee again.
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