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o ya

I also had a very lovely post-Bday dinner today catching up with Veronica. She treated me. We went to Max's downtown in TriBeca. I felt guilty, I hate/love being doted on. The food was great. Will definitely go back. It was nice to have a 1 on 1. Super cute and sweet. I miss her a lot. I should probably just reach out more. Her boyfriend is becoming an astronaut which is insane. Pretty fucking cool. It felt so short seeing her. Must be getting old. Or had one too many beers. Time is seriously passing. Ricky was supposed to go but he isn't feeling well and hopefully he will be better soon. I also got lost trying to find the place because I never go into Manhattan and my iPhone 4 maps is a piece of crap. It took me all the way to financial district. Being temporarily lost can be fun tho. At Least I took a photo of Alexander Hamilton's grave and sent it to Mike. Maybe i'll post. Also a bad pic of the World Trade Center. That's the actual update. Okk yyyaaa woo. K, Alrighty? Real Events. w o w
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