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eh whats my age again whats my age again

Yo. I can't ever remember what day it is. Wednesday, ugh. Already. So many days are the same.

Today I ventured in the city with Mike and purchased a new cell phone. A samsung s6--- and i gotta admit it's pretty fucking sweet. I never purchase new phones / electronics. Basically everything I own is mike's hand me downs. It's great. Granted, I probably didn't need it as much as I felt like i did. My last phone they told me is worthless and not functioning that well - they wouldn't even take it. So I just have it as a backup. Finally a phone I can use practically and take 4k video with 16 megapixels(???!!!? ) Nerd excitement. No need for a camera now. I am consumed at the moment. It wasn't as big of a financial stab as it could have been, which I feel fortunate for and wouldn't have done otherwise. It's so linked to google which obviously freaks me out, but is really amazing for work purposes and it's just actually so much more advanced for a tech person ( i feel) than iphone. It's international and i can actually store ANYTHING on it for once. Idk. It seems like a good fit. The only thing annoying is the SMS imessage thing, but I have unlimited so I don't really care.

Then I bought some really cheap stuff at the thrift stores near my place. Mike got a shirt (lol) and I got this weird brown 70s dress that has a semi-pucci designs with modern figures worked into it. Also a floral/ chinese inspired 70s blouse. All wildly uncomfortable for this weather (polyester) but will make a lot of sense come October. Also a pretty new version of converse that were basically unworn so I can throw my old ones out.

I seriously need to update what I actually choose to wear outside because I honestly look like a manic person who just woke up almost every day. Like why the fuck am i just wearing a sloppy t shirt and leggings and hair in a bun? ugh. why do i even have to care. I think I just have to care because I spend so much of my finances on clothing. Sucked into capital. Sucked into what I hate. Well, at least it's all mostly second hand...but idk. Maybe I would feel better if I dressed closer to my true imagined self. This whole image thing constantly affects my mood. So banal honestly

Also finally purchased the server!#%!#%!!!!!!!! It's SO SWEET. It's fucking happening PEOPLE! It is going to be so damn easy besides the program updates - which I really do feel we can work around. Having a meeting with Pey at some point this week to have her write some statements for the blurb image as well as what to say in the emails to and get some artists to contribute design images/pieces. So many thoughts. All need to be simplified. We should hear about the grant at some point mid-month. By that time Deb will be here and Francesca's wedding. Ahhh. going fast.

REALLY DAMN STOKED about this project. We will protect it with our all. <3

Also think I landed a job for end of this week / all of next week thru Lewis as usual with a client I have worked for in the past. Idk why all the jobs i've been getting through them have been pretty womp womp but I think they are also at a slow point. We will see how it goes. I hope it's not too stressful, but even if it is I need that $$$

ok not much else to say. Oh I ordered a wig too for a photoshoot. this post is all about buying apparently lol

Still needing to clean up, god damn. Our place is constantly mayhem gah
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